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Family tree maker 2019

Family tree maker 2019 is a software by Mackiev. Many new features are introduced in FTM 2019 upgrade. To use the features, family tree maker users have to upgrade to family tree maker 2019. Here we have explained how to upgrade family tree maker software. With the FTM 2019 upgrade user will get many new advanced features that will help in making the tree more beautiful. Read the full article to know more about family tree maker 2019 software.


Installing Family Tree Maker 2019

After getting the installer file, just double click the file or right-click and press “open” and select the option as guided on the screen. Just after the complete installation user will see the fresh new icon “2019”.

Keynote: The FTM 2019 software installer file will also be there on the computer even after installing the software. Users are requested to press the FTM 2019 icon after installing the software.

(Windows users will have the icon by default on a desktop)

(Mac users will have the icon on Desktop or just below the Applications folder by default)


Family Tree Maker 2019 FAQ

The user just installed the family tree maker 2019 software, is there a need to keep the previous version?

Not required, once the user has updated to family tree maker 2019, they can positively delete the old version.

Is there a discount for the customer, who has an older version of the family tree maker software?

Indeed, all returning customers can upgrade to family tree maker 2019 at a discount. Users must be on the family tree maker mailing list for it.

Do users of family tree maker 2019 software enjoy the feature of different languages also?

A localized version of FTM is still under review. Customers can request the new version.

Family Tree Maker 2019 Charges?

Mackiev is offering a discount on booking family tree maker 2019 before 17th May 2019 midnight. As per their official announcement, 17th may 2019 will be the last date for the booking of family tree maker 2019. 

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